Sign Letters - Rigid

The Changeable Rigid sign letter is the most durable and longest lasting printed sign letter. The quality you've been looking for.

Quantities:All .080″ thick are available in boxes of 100, 200, and 300. To see what the box contents are, click on the "More Info..." button next to the price.

Larger counts are available in the .080″ thickness. Email us at

Letter Size: Height of printing on the panel. Back Size: Height of back (panel) the letter is printed on. This is what fits into the sign track.

If you're trying to match letters you already have, brands such as Gemini, Quality Image, Wagner Zip, & others are available, all below MSRP, some with shipping included.
A Letter Change Arm (an extension pole with a suction cup assembly) can be used to change the message on an overhead sign (for rigid letters only).

Yes, we sell replacement Sign Faces.

Contact us for other sizes, both Flex and Rigid.


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