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Some links you may find useful. These links are not recommendations, but only supplied for their explanatory content.

What's DR stand for, like in .060DR letters?
DR Acrylic (DR) - It is an all-acrylic resin that combines the toughness associated with other impact plastics and the outstanding transparency and UV resistance of conventional acrylic materials. Higher cost and good heat resistance. Much slower yellowing than PC (Polycarbonate) and higher breakage resistance than AC (Acrylic).

The Flat face acrylic material we use is called SG Acrylic. What's SG Acrylic? Explanation here!

MDO board is many sign makers first choice. MDO board is: Explanation.

Help for keeping Letters in place: Instructions.

Parts to replace flat faces with corrugated fiberglass sign faces: Retro Fit Kit

Rigid letter sign track installation instructions: Instructions

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