Shipping, Privacy, and Return Policies

Shipping Policy

When ordering online, please provide a street address. Shipping is by UPS or FedEx, occasionally by USPS. Usually, products are shipped within 24 to 48 hours after your order is placed. You will be notified if there are exceptions. In some instances, like for Arrow Signs and Reader Boards that are manufactured to order, 2 to 4 weeks is normal delivery time (see Freight Policy below).

Freight Policy (signs shipped via common carrier)

We have contracts with several trucking companies in order to obtain the lowest rate consistent with proper handling to your area. When the sign is picked up by the trucking company, you become the official owner of the sign. Delivery is from "dock to dock", which means you are responsible for unloading it off the truck. If assistance is needed please let us know, the trucking company can provide a lift gate for an additional fee. Most signs are delivered without incident, but a small number do accidentally get damaged, and they (the trucking company) are financially responsible for any damages that occur in transit..

What if my sign is damaged in shipping? What do I do?


  1. It is your responsibility to check shipment thoroughly.
  2. IMPORTANT! Peel back the covering and look at the sign itself. Some dents don't show up on the outside covering. Inspect the outside (and inside, if necessary) of every box for signs of damage. Examples: Holes, crushed corners, wrinkles, black rub marks, cardboard that looks to have been pushed or hit, broken pallets and rattling boxes are all possible signs of damage.
  3. Note all damages on the drivers copy of the delivery receipt (retain a copy).
  4. If you need some assistance in helping to determine if you should refuse delivery or if we can supply parts to correct the problem, call us (877) 294-8717. If damage is minor and the part is replaceable (i.e. attached with screws, not welded), we can often send the part for you to replace (see item #6). Note - Sign Faces are repairable on site. They are easy to replace as long as the damage is only to the Face.
  5. If an item looks to be damaged more than you believe you can repair, refuse it and notify us of the damage and disposition of the sign.
  6. If the sign is accepted with minor damage that is repairable on site, and is documented on the delivery ticket, you must file a claim with the freight company for damages. We will provide you with an invoice that you can submit to the freight company for the cost of the damaged parts plus shipping the parts to you. There will also be an amount included to cover the labor cost of repairing the sign. After you receive payment from the freight company, order the replacement parts with the funds received, retaining the portion for labor costs. Remember, the freight company goes by what's on the delivery receipt so be precise, be thorough..

And chances are the inspection will go great with no damage, so enjoy your new sign!

Privacy Policy

I have read some privacy statements and after having read the entire lengthy text I'm not sure just how private my information was. In an effort to simplify legalese, we do not sell, rent, loan, give away, or in any way make available the information submitted to us whether by email, mail, phone, or fax... period.

Return Policy

If you have any questions about any of the above, please contact us. (877) 294-8717