Sample Letters and Track

Rigid Letter Track

Rigid Letters Track is a 3 component track, a Top, a Mutual (or Dual), and a Bottom. Letters are inserted into the track above, pushed up, then in (flat against the sign), and dropped down into the track below. If the sign is overhead, this can be done with a “change pole”.

1 - Top Track

2 - Mutual (or Dual) Track

3 - Bottom Track

Scroll down for a 3 step illustration.
1. Push the letter up into the track above.
2. Then in, flat against the sign.
3. Drop down into the bottom track below.

Flex Letter Track

Flex track is about 1″ wide, Rigid track about 1 1/2″ - 1 3/4″ wide. Flex Letter Track is a mutual track, the slot in the top and bottom are the same.

Letters must be inserted into the top and bottom slots by hand.
A change pole cannot be used with flex letters.