What kind of letters do I have (or need*)?

The two most common types are Flexible and Rigid. Flex letters need to be slightly bent to be inserted into the Flex Letter Sign Track (Flex Track picture). They are thin (the approximate thickness of a credit card, .030″ or slightly thinner), so they bend or “flex” easily. Flex track has the same depth slit in the top and bottom of the track.
IMPORTANT - Flex letters should not be used on an enclosed sign.
If your letters are thicker than a credit card, they are Rigid Letters.
Credit Card = .030″ (.76mm) thick.
Flex letters = .030″ or thinner.
Rigid letters = .060″ (1.52mm) or thicker.
What does DR stand for?

Rigid letters are thicker, usually the thickness of two or three credit cards (.060″ or .090″), and do not need to be bent or bowed to be inserted into the Rigid Letter Sign Track. Rigid letter track is often a 3 component track consisting of a Top, Mutual (or Dual), and Bottom. The top of the letter goes into a deeper slot, allowing the letter to be pushed up, then in towards the sign, and dropped down into the track below. (Rigid track illustration). Part of the top of the panel will still be into the top slot so the letter does not fall out of the track. Remove the letter by reversing the procedure. Note: On some signs, Mutual track is used for the top track and bottom track.

When measuring for size, measure the height of the letter, the height of the plastic the letter is printed on, and the thickness of the plastic. Let's take the height first, and we'll deal with the thickness next. For example, 8″ on 8 7/8″ clear back (panel) means that the letter itself is 8 inches high and the clear plastic (the actual piece that fits into the sign) is 8 7/8 inches high. The 2nd measurement is the most important since that's what actually fits into the sign track.

* Note - If you acquired a sign with no letters, look at the pictures (Flex Track picture) and (Rigid Track picture). Compare the track on your sign to the pictures. Flex track is approximately 1 inch high, rigid letter track (the middle or dual track) is 1 1/2 to 1 3/4 inches. Next, cut a rectangle out of cardboard (like a cereal box) and cut it to fit into the sign. Measure the cardboard and this should be the height of the plastic you need to order. If you are not sure, call us - (503) 567-2934 or e-mail - sales@outdoorletters.com