Dual eTrack for Rigid Letters 7′ 8″ (for 8′ signs)

Unit Price: $15.25

Shipping 🛈:

8 piece minimum.

The strips that hold the letters on. Rigid track can only be used with Rigid letters.

eTrack. This Dual (Mutual) track is Economical, Easy to work with, Exceptionally durable, more akin to Polycarbonate than regular acrylic. Use it right out of the box, or if you do want Top and Bottom pieces (maybe to save a little money and space), split one lengthwise to make 1 Top track and 1 Bottom track.

For a 2 sided sign with 4 lines of letters on each side, you would only need 8 pieces of track instead of 10 (2 tops, 6 dual, 2 bottoms), since two would be split to make the Top and Bottom tracks for each side.

Use a utility knife in the grove provided to separate into two pieces, top and bottom. Actual length 7′ 8″

Pictures of flex track and rigid track.

Track is usually shipped coiled. When received, unpack and lay straight until used.

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