A-Plus Rolling Sidewalk Sign

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This sidewalk sign can easily be changed from a changeable letters message board to a graphics display.


  • No lifting, no carrying, built in handle.
  • Rolls easily from either side on wide oversize 3″ wheels, open or folded.
  • The overall dimensions are 27″ × 47″ × 6″, easily fits through any door.
  • Folds flat for rolling and storage. Only 6″ wide.
  • 7 lines for 4″ changeable letters on each side
  • Exclusive side Support Arms add rigidity and keep sign from folding closed or spreading open.
  • Holds standard 24″ × 36″ × 4mm corrugated plastic sign panels.
  • Change from changeable message boards to digital graphics. Patent pending Quick Change system locks sign panels in and adds gentle curve for added visibility and appeal.

Comes with

  • 314 4″ Letters - with Numbers, Punctuations, and symbols
  • 2 24″ × 36″ sign faces (panels) with track installed.
  • Patent pending wheel/foot system. Large feet keep sign from moving when deployed and the 3″ wheels engage when sign is tipped to ensure easy rolling over all surfaces.
  • Flip down Support Arms on both sides.
  • Ballast Ports allow the addition of water or sand for added stability.

Optional Deluxe Set

  • 20 jumbo (double size) numbers, 2 percent signs and 2 reversible “SALE/Special” panels


A-Plus User Guide

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