Model E-8 Outdoor Sign

Unit Price: $869.00–$1,404.00


Letters (8″)

Track for

Cabinet Lighting

Cabinet Color

Sign Face

On an Adjustable 4 leg Stand, this 4′ × 8′ × 10″ 2 sided Message Board has a 5 line option.

Signs shipped Factory Direct from Kentucky (allow 2–3 weeks for manufacturing and delivery). Submit a Freight Quote Request for total delivered price. Our average shipping costs range from $200.00- to $500+, which is lower than most. Residential delivery is usually higher than commercial.

Comes with

  • 300 8″ Flex Condensed Black letters, Red numbers, punctuation and symbols, on 8 7/8" clear back.
  • Impact resistant corrugated fiberglass faces with 4 lines of 8″ letters.
  • Adjustable 2×2 tube stands (legs).
  • 1″ × 1″ × 1/8″ Interior steel frame.
  • Standard Cabinet is Painted (Black) sheet steel 48″ × 96″ × 10″.
  • If lighted, comes with Ground fault circuit interrupter.
  • One year manufacturers limited warranty.


  • Sign faces available in White or Yellow (same price)
  • If lighted, choice of two fluorescent tubes or LED tubes.
  • Stand is adjustable for uneven ground or to raise or lower.
  • The optional Aluminum cabinet over steel frame is powder coated for a longer lasting lustrous finish.
  • 2 sided, sign faces with track for letters on both sides.
  • Optional 8″ Rigid .060DR Letters, more stable and last many times longer than Flex letters without yellowing or getting brittle.
  • Price Includes Crating, Boxing, & Handling. Aside from freight, (and selected options, if any), there are no additional charges. Remember, when shopping, compare total price.

What's the difference? Flex? Rigid? Explanation!

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